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Minimum fee:     $25  for Overall  ***  $40  for Custom
E2E (OVERALL) Patterns
price out at  
1 1/4 - 2 cents per square inch
(Same pattern over the whole quilt!)
Hundreds of Edge to Edge Patterns to choose from.

Most E2E patterns are $0.015--$0.0175 per sq. inch.
 1 1/4 cent patterns are simpler, less dense patterns.
2 cent patterns are more complex or more dense.

 CUSTOM QUILTING  will  price out at
3--5 cents per square inch

depending on the number of blocks, borders and rows of sashing.
Custom Quilting includes quilting special block patterns,
or a different pattern in the sashing and borders,
or free-motion around picture blocks or appliqué,
or trimming out parts of an E2E pattern.
Borders:  Add   $3.00 -- $10.00 per border   Sashing: $3.00 -- $10.00 per row of sashing
  3"-- 5"  block: Add $0.50 per block   ****   6"-- 8" block: Add $1.00 per block
9”-- 12” block: Add $2.00 per block  *
*** 13"-- 20" block: Add $3.00-$8.00 + per block

hread Cost:   $5-$8 Solids    $5-$15 Variegated   
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